2018 Programme

January 12th
 "Names  of Elements"  (Coordinator Ruth)
February 9th
"Brunelleschi's Duomo" (Peter Petrie )
March 9th
A.I. in Combat (Chris) ; Isaac Peral (Ken S.)
April 20th
Computer Pioneers (David) ; Weather (Steve)
May 11th
"Flying the Phantom" (Chris); "Oxygen" (Ruth)
June 15th
 "Science Festival" (Coordinator Heather)
July 13th
"Science Festival" (Coordinator Heather)
August 10th
"Your Digital Footprint" (Mark)
September 7th
"Maths in Early Space Travel" (Martin)
October 12th
"Men of Steel" (Chris)
November 9th
"Idiot Brain - a Brief Review" (Ken B.)
December 14th
"The Oil Drop Experiment" (David)


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